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The Origins of Ponytail James

The origins of the band go back to the winter of 2017 when lead singer Mike Reitz approached guitarist/vocalist Mark Flemming about performing a few songs at an upcoming talent show. The two got together and found that their vocal harmonies and musical styles were a good mix and decided to do the show together.

From that initial success "Maroon 2" was born. Playing in coffee house settings as an

acoustic duo, the two gained a reputation as a solid live act. The act received it's share

of trial by fire, but persevered.

At the same time, seasoned lead guitarist David Springall was looking for some new

blood to work with. As the lead guitarist of "Formerly Unnamed" (F U), Springall had a

long resume of recording and gigging, and a host of experience playing at various

venues. "Maroon 2" was looking to expand their horizons as well. They asked Springall

to join them and soon "Bravo Acoustica" was born. 

"Bravo Acoustica" played several shows as a trio and expanded their set list to include more complex and electric music, while keeping their acoustic roots in tact. The trio debut at their now famous "Scoops" show and went on to play The Boneyard

at Dinosaur Bar-B-Q before growing once again.

Bassist Thaddeus Sitnik had not played with a band since his youth, but

kept his chops up practicing solo and engaging an occasional jam session

with friends. After sitting in with "Bravo Acoustica" for a few practices he

was a perfect fit to "slap-a-da-bass" with the boys and he accepted the

offer to join the band.

Shortly there after, long time guitarist/vocalist/bassist turned drummer

Jay Hanas got together with the four band members and "Ponytail James"

was complete. Jay had years of experience recording and touring and was

ready to get back to performing, but this time behind the drums.

Ponytail James spent the first several months of their tenure working on

developing a set list that was both well rounded and varied. As the list

grew, so did the chemistry of the individuals within the band. Soon, PTJ was ready to get out and let the people hear them kick out the jams. 

The band spent the first few years building a solid following and continuing to develop a great set list. Then COVID hit and everything slowed to a halt. The band continued to record remotely and honed their individual chops.  Bassist Ted Sitnik left the band for greener pastures. Mike Rice joined the group with plenty of experience and skills, and brought the band into a new post-COVID world. PTJ hit the ground running as soon as the smoke cleared and strives to add new and exciting sounds to their growing catalog of premier rock music.

Ponytail James continues to evolve their setlist to include more and more favorites as well as a few new surprises. One thing is for one will be bored at a Ponytail James show!

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